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Beautiful solution for your beauty business

Stylevisit is an all-rounder for the beauty and wellness domain! Manage your business efficiently while increasing your online presence. Be visible and fill your order books.

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Useful features and extras

You will enjoy to use our business-friendly Dashboard with max useful information in the basic version of Stylevisit. The upcoming app store delivers you the handiest extensions targeted for your unique business.

Build your webpage

Create your own website with Stylevisit for your audience for free! We help your clients find your business - the most convenient way to promote and market your services.

Safe booking & business promotion

We make it easy to book appointments via mobile devices. We rule out fraudulent customers with a help of SMS confirmation system. Thus, no random bookings will occur. Stylevisit helps not only to attract new clients, but also to make them your regulars.

Get listed in Stylevisit

Get visible! We’ll add you to our catalog so clients find you wherever they are looking - both on the web and mobile web.

Offer online booking

Set up online booking - save your time and make it easy for your clients. Announce hot deals and add pictures of your business to attract new customers and keep your current clients committed to you.

Schedule appointments

Manage your working hours and those of your employees via your Stylevisit Dashboard - forget about the headache of planning and let your team enjoy the sheer pleasure of working!

Easy customer management

You can easily track the appointments history for all of your clients! You can check out past and upcoming appointments, as well as no-shows. No-show is a no-go. That is why you can send an e-mail reminder to your customer before each upcoming appointment. An employee is unavailable? No problem! Contact your client and reschedule the appointment.



Stylevisit is free to use. You only pay for bookings with your salon made on Stylevisit.


We charge commission only for the bookings made via the Stylevisit website and Stylevisit mobile app. The commission fees vary between 9-15%

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